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I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sandi a little over two years ago for a group and process development project relative to IT security. I was certainly drawn to her professionalism, candor, and insight that she gave not only for the project, but later as a coach. Sandi holds her clients accountable, lends tools for measuring successes and makes them quantifiable, and always has a knack for pushing those she coaches to their fullest potential.

When we first met, I was in a dead-end job, yet I felt like I had so much more potential. Sandi's coaching and mentoring techniques helped me to see the opportunities in all of the challenges I faced. I now have an exploding career in front of me and a brand-new home in a new location, both of which I love. I owe a great deal of gratitude for her unyielding encouragement and ability to offer me just the right tools at the right time. By putting the tools and techniques into practice, I have been able to turn my career and personal aspirations around for the better. Thanks, Sandi, your continual words of wisdom have helped me tremendously–you're the greatest!

Aimee Evans
Williams Information Security

I can say that without a doubt that Sandi's business coaching has made a positive impact in all areas of my life, my career goals in particular. I have found that personal coaching is invaluable when you are looking to make improvements in your life. I was fortunate enough to meet Sandi a few years ago while I was working in the commercial real estate field. One of my career goals was to open my own business. I struggled with leaving my employer and going out on my own for years. Over the past 16 months, with Sandi's help I was able to leave my existing job and successfully open my own business. Sandi does a great job keeping me accountable and helping me stay focused and on target with my goals. I would definitely recommend Sandi to anyone who is looking for someone to help take them to the next level in anything they do!

Stephen Weber
Peak Investor Group
Phoenix, AZ

I have 13 years of experience in healthcare quality improvement, and I have received extensive training from the American Society for Quality, the Juran Institute, the Institute for Health Care Improvement, the Goldratt Institute, and other leading organizations. Ms. Claudell is among the best mentors that I have worked with over my career. She is insightful and practical. She quickly brings her extensive experience to focus on the issues and problems that I am confronting in my daily work. I have an extensive library and access to numerous training materials on the Internet (and in fact have authored some), but they are no substitute for her mentoring. I always look forward to our individual sessions because I know that I will leave motivated and with several suggestions that sharpen my understanding and move my team much more quickly toward its goals. She is a great teacher. Her approach to black belt training requires a mixture of didactic group training and intense individual mentoring. This is a model that should be replicated.

Harry Pigman, MD, MSPH
Clinical Director
South Central Veterans Health Care Network Data Warehouse
504 565-4962 (Office)
504 390-5737 (Cell)
504 565-4835 (Fax)

Reference for Sandi Claudell, Master Six Sigma Black Belt

Sandi Claudell has a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge of Six Sigma and other quality management processes and communication methodologies. Her "tool box" is full of various ways to help organizations provide the information to make sustainable changes and quality improvements.

Her ability to engage and bring out the best in people is unmatched. She listens between the lines and asks the really important questions to help the client think through their process to discover their own answers, which is extremely empowering.

Sandi has it all–she's creative, flexible, patient, and has a great sense of humor which makes all things possible. She is the most amazing coach, consultant, and mentor I have ever experienced. I highly recommend her to teach, coach and/or consult!

Kaylene Smith
Operations Improvement
Blanchard Valley Health System
1900 S. Main St., Findlay, OH 45840
Phone: 419-429-7698
Cell: 419-308-6149


I'm sending this letter to thank you for the time you have spent coaching me. I have been using Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies for a few years, and compared to other Master Black Belts that I have worked with in the past, I find that your mentoring style is very insightful and very energizing.

Our conversations really help to reinforce the structure and creativity that the DMAIC process brings to healthcare issues, and you help me approach problem solving and data analyses with confidence. I've noticed that this confidence gets transferred to the project team that I'm working with, and I'm sure that the process improvements and overall project results will be the proverbial "proof in the pudding."

The devil is in the details. I can't get a fresh perspective on my project by going through the materials and following a formula. You give me a fresh look at what's possible and the confidence to go out and try it.

Thanks for your on-going support. Your coaching is really making the program a valuable learning experience.


Li Peckan
GE Healthcare
Black Belt

This is a letter of appreciation for Sandi Claudell's coaching calls. Sandi Claudell's coaching calls give me a better understanding of the concepts and tools used in Lean Six Sigma. Her experience in Lean and Six Sigma allow her to communicate complex concepts in a way that helps me actually apply what I have learned. We also use the coaching calls to work through real-life project challenges such as project group management and working with the project champion to navigate through the political system.

These coaching calls when combined with the course create an apprenticeship that teaches the student how to be a black belt. I believe this approach builds qualified Lean Six Sigma bBlack bBelts. For those of us who want to apply what we've learned this is much more important than a "boot-camp" approach which focuses solely on the objective of passing the certification exam. It reflects an approach to producing quality bBlack bBelts who can apply their knowledge thus enhancing the credibility of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Greg Horner
Operations Manager
Center for Homecare and Hospice
Loyola University Health System
Phone 708-216-6337

I cannot imagine doing this project without having weekly calls with Sandi Claudell to clarify questions and guide me through the process. I have had questions about how to apply certain tools or processes. Without having the ability to talk with someone one-on-one, I could miss something entirely. In addition, I can get direct feedback about whether I do understand something, which helps me feel more confident. I have been hesitant to take on-line training courses because of the lack of personal contact, which is important to my learning style. Being able to have one-on-one coaching has helped to make this course more valuable for me.

Beth Katzenberg
Director of Corporate Quality and Compliance
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care

I have really appreciated and needed the additional coaching time that Sandi Claudell has been able to provide. Without the flexibility and availability of her expertise throughout my project, I would not have been as successful or understanding of the concepts. I feel that this is a necessary component for the success of the program. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have.


Stacie Bommersbach, BSN, RN, MBA
Genesys Regional Medical Center
One Genesys Parkway
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

To Whom it May Concern,

It has been my experience that the greatest value has been the weekly consultations with Sandi Claudell, Master Black Belt. In her coaching, she has brought the Six Sigma concepts alive by applying the lessons to real-world situations and directly to my team's PI Project. The consultations have kept our team focused and on track. It is my opinion that weekly coaching be a mandatory part of any LSSBBB certification.


Laurie Frye, MPH
Director of Quality Improvement
Adventist Health Central California Network Hanford, CA