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MindSpring's consulting extends the scope of our coaching services to further improve your business. Consulting can range from strategic marketing and Future Searches to customer support and employee incentive programs. MindSpring consulting uses the following processes and methods for facilitating change and improvements:

  • Process optimization/Kaizens
  • Forecasting using Monte Carlo simulations/models, neural networks, etc.
  • Just-in-Time for office, services, and manufacturing processes, including:
    • Single Piece Flow
    • Quick Changeovers
    • Visual Workplace/5S
    • Error-proofing Devices
    • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt – training future Black Belts and Green Belts
  • Quality management metrics
  • Lean management
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Best methods for designing new products
  • Project management

To receive a detailed cost estimate for our consulting services, please call 503.848.5852.