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About MindSpring

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About MindSpring

Each of the professional business coaches has between 15 and 25 years of experience. Two of us are Master Black Belts (Motorola) for more than 15 years. At least one of us is a Lean Master (Toyota Motors Japan) for over 17 years.

We've been corporate level world-wide managers in the high tech sector. One of us has been the Quality Manager in Research Design and Development in the computer industry.

Several of us have extensive speaking and training background and all of us have been coaches to CEO's, VP's, Director's, Managers, future Black Belts, Green Belts and individual employees who want to set and achieve aggressive performance goals on the job. We have led improvement initiatives and coached others who are engaged in these team efforts.

Two of us can create Monte Carlo simulation models and take your data and analyze it so it makes sense. We can provide one-on-one training on the topic you need, just when it is needed to solve an on-the-job problem. We are discrete and we are committed to making you look good and be successful. For some of our clients...no one in their organization even knows they have a coach. That is fine with us! We simply provide the extra ingredients that make the difference between fabulous success and moderate success.

If you are looking to grow and achieve stretch goals then having a coach is a great idea. If professional athletes, who have great talent, hire and use personal coaches and trainers to improve their game then why not high performing managers and employees? You owe it to yourself to give it a try. We have a good track record and are enthusiastic about producing the same results with you and your company.

Give Sandi a call at 503.848.5852 or send her e-mail at sandi@mindspringcoaching.com. We will find the right coach for you. The first session is free.